State of Mind Collections Merch

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State of mind collections!

We are who we are;

a powerful, resilient and creative people,

a beautiful people, strong and dignified and ready to handle whatever life throws our way.

From the Motherland to our present land,

we are what we believe we are...

and it's all because of our State of Mind.

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About State of Mind Collections

State of Mind Collections is a brand that was created to educate, empower and uplift the Black community.

Through fashionable apparel with a purpose, made for us and by us, we honor and recognize our people.

Each design connects us back to our history, honors our heritage and our culture and progresses our people forward while highlighting the unspoken bond within the Black community.

About Brandon

State of Mind Collections was founded by Brandon Jakes, a high school chemistry teacher from Houston, Texas who has the vision of a world where all Black culture is seen and celebrated!

Learn more about Brandon's journey from his interview on the show.

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